Bonus baby food post!

I have loved making baby food for both my kids.  For someone who doesn’t like to cook, it is surprisingly easy.  Fruits and veggies are super easy.  Boil, then puree and freeze!  Carbs like cereals and crackers are simple.  But meat…  I don’t like to cook meat in general.  I had taken to pureeing ground meat with some EBM as a way to introduce it.  It sounds gross, but it works.

We have moved on to more chunky/lumpy foods.  I haven’t necessarily found a good transition for meat.  Until today!  I grilled up some organic ground turkey and then whipped it up with the hand mixer and a bottle of EMB.  Came out awesome! Nicely broken up without any big pieces, but not pureed into pate!

ground turkey

ground turkey


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