Grocery Lists and Online Tools

Growing up we always had computers at home, which is pretty remarkable for someone my age. So I have always had the opportunity to learn and use them.  I may not be as tech savvy as I would like to be and I certainly don’t claim to be expert.  But when I can find a tool that makes my family’s life easier and it is cool and techie – I am all over it!  And even better if I can use it as an opportunity to learn something.

Life’s dilemma…. Grocery shopping.  I think we can all admit that it sucks.  No one likes to do it.  And no one likes to do it with 2 kids in tow.  One especially doesn’t like to do it if one doesn’t do the day to day cooking and really wouldn’t know what to buy anyway.

Kevin does the cooking and Kevin prefers to do the shopping.  He says I spend too much money.  And when we all go as a family…  we have two cranky kids and two cranky parents.  It is a joy!  So if he has the opportunity to go all by himself, I embrace it! As long as I get to go to Target all by myself once in a while.

I would try and make him lists, but I was always forgetting stuff and he always needed it when I wasn’t up to thinking about it.

I recall my mother juggling grad school, a teenager and a toddler created a printed shopping list set up by the grocery store aisle that she created for whomever she could convince to go and do the shopping.  Sometimes that was me.  I loved the idea, but had no time to try and create the list.  But now we have the internet and a website for EVERYTHING.  You guessed it –! A fun little website.  A couple of different lists to choose from including ones to edit.  At first I just went with the Ultimatest Grocery List.  You know, because it has the best name! But over time, I had too many notes in the margins and there were things that we would just never buy.  So I opted to download the spreadsheet version and make my own edits.

TA DA!Ann's Grocery List

Of course in deciding to blog about this post, I had to figure out how I might get my image on here.  It turns out that can upload PDFs and Excel spread sheets, but you just get these lovely little links:

PDF Version

Spread Sheet version Ann’s Grocery List

Yes, lovely… but not really spectacular!  So I asked my dear friend Google and came up with a solution.  I had converted my spread sheet into a PDF anyway (just a save as feature in Excel) and used ZamZar to convert my PDF into a JPEG.  Totally online and totally free!  I looked around and converting Excel to a JPEG is doable too, but involved more steps and not my new friend ZamZar!

So in summary:  Grocery store list solution and new tech tool!  A win-win if you ask me!


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