Not just for dishes: Palmolive® soft touch™

I was very excited to see that the latest Palmolive Soft Touch dish soap had landed at my house courtesy of Influenster and their  Vox Box program!

Palmolive soft touch

Palmolive soft touch

Normally one doesn’t get excited about dish soap, but heck when it arrives in a beautiful box on your doorstop, suddenly you can’t wait to wash some dishes!  First of all I received two super yummy scents: creamy pink Vitamin E and sparkling green aloe.  Both smell great!  And I will be the first to admit that I will primarily choose dish soap on how it smells when you are filling the sink with bubbles and then how it looks sitting on the kitchen counter.  Don’t tell my husband…

Saturday while the kids were napping, I tackled my weekend kitchen clean up tasks.  This time instead of toxic chemicals, my usual line of defense, I filled the sink with yummy pink bubbles and scrubbed the morning pots, pans and dishes.  But then I scrubbed the kitchen clean: counter tops, microwaves, high chairs and even the dining room table.  It worked great, not only were the dishes looking fabulous, but it didn’t damage any of my wooden surfaces and left my hands feeling soft.  Usually they feel like sandpaper when I am done cleaning.

Saturday night I tackled the kids.  I have fond memories of my mother using dish soap to make bubble baths extra bubbly so I tossed in the aloe scent for the kids baths.  They both came out clean, smelling sweet and nice and baby skin soft.  And they too had a great time with the bubbles.

Waiting for bubbles

Waiting for bubbles

The true test… my own hands and nails after a day of weeding in the garden.  I wear garden gloves, I do, but my hands always end up looking a mess by the end of a weekend in the garden.  I used the Vitamin E and a scrub brush and it worked like a charm!

All in all, I would say that Palmolive soft touch is great! I even have some coupons to share if you are interested!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.voxbox-blogimage-popup2


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