High Five for Friday

So glad it is Friday!

Ann’s High Five for Friday!

  1. I think I have finally decided on an idea for Miss Amelia’s birthday cake.  I don’t know why I agonize over these things but I do.  It doen’t help that my husband says things like, “we have a pan, bake a cake and put some frosting on it”.  Has the man never seen Pinterest?
  2. My new household box from Influenster arrived! Who knew a girl could get excited about dish soap!

    Palmolive soft touch

    Palmolive soft touch

  3. Connor started a new session of gymnastics!  This year he is in a class for preschoolers without parents.  It was his first class at that level while most of the other kids knew what they were doing.  He was so excited and was totally into it, even if he didn’t have a clue what he was doing.  He was too stinkin’ cute!
  4. Classes have ended at my place of employment and “summer” begins after Commencement this weekend.  While I miss the activity and energy that the students bring, we do have much better parking!

  5. More and more stuff is blooming in the garden!

    May flowers

    May flowers

Happy Friday!

I am linked up over at Lauren Elizabeth formerly From My Grey Desk!

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