Weekend Recap

This weekend was jam packed with no chance of relaxation. Remember when weekends were relaxing? That was before owning a house and children. Now sitting very still in my office chair on Monday morning sounds heavenly!

Saturday was commencement at the school I work at. It is always a very special day. Lots of traditions, words of wisdom and saying goodby to students that you have worked with for years. Some have really held a special place in our heart and it is great to see them with their families and tell how great you think their son or daughter is.

Then it was back to the ranch and time to tackle the pickup truck full of mulch! MULCH! I love me some mulch! It is the frosting for your garden. I tend to go with a nice rich brown, something that looks like dirt. I hope that it will eventually compost down into dirt and keeping it natural looking also means hat you won’t get any weird bare patches.



As I finished weeding a section, Kevin would follow behind and shovel the mulch in from he truck. Connor helped supervise and Amelia ate a lot of grass and chewed on some rocks! I also dig out the rock borders in several of the sections and cleaned things up and put them back. I never seemed to have enough rocks to put back in place. Think a certain almost four year old had something to do with that.
Rebuilding the edging

Rebuilding the edging

So much more to do for next weekend’s family gathering. Can you believe it will be Amelia’s first birthday party??????
Almost ONE!

Almost ONE!


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