A Gardening Mama

I am a working mama.  In part of necessity, but also by choice.  Yes, we need to have two people working in our family.  Could we swing it on Kevin’s salary alone?  Probably, but we would have to give up a lot – like cable!  But I like to have a life outside of our home too.  You know, a place where I can sit still in a chair and pee alone.

Being a working mama is hard.  It is hard to fit it all in.  It is hard to have to feel like you are not constantly sacrificing one or the other sometimes. But it is doable.  There are daycare centers and sitters.  There is a backup plan.

Now being a Gardening Mama.  That is a much bigger challenge.  I am actually taking two days off this week so I can send the kids to the sitter’s and get those weeds pulled!  There is so much to do on the weekends.  Clean the WHOLE house, do ALL the laundry, make a TON of baby food, prep for kids lunches and snacks for ETERNITY!  I try desperately to get a head start on that stuff during the week, but the house always looks like a disaster and the laundry is EVERY where just so I can get some time outside in the gardens.

Gardens….  that right there is a challenge.  There are so many freaking flower beds!  And my husband keeps adding more!  Yes, they look great… but so MUCH weeding!  That doesn’t even count the vegetable garden which we moved and made much BIGGER!  It is hard enough to keep up with it all and not break my back.  I start out a day of gardening with handful of ibuprofen.

And now with two children! I have two spring babies so those summers were pretty much shot.  I think I got to weed once each summer.  Last summer it didn’t rain for several weeks so fortunately the weeds didn’t grow much.  But I lost a lot of plants too because there was no way I was going to water and get more weeds!

Overgrown mess by the end of the summer

Overgrown mess by the end of the summer

During his second summer, Connor was very self contained.  He would sit quietly on this beach blanket we use with some toys for 20 to 30 minutes at a shot.  I would need to nurse him or play with him pretty frequently, but he stayed put.  It really took him a couple of years before he realized that he could actually get off that red blanket. Now he wants to help garden.  He is a big fan of digging, burying rocks (maybe they will grow more rocks) and occasionally riding his tricycle through a bed.  He likes to help rearrange the stone edging (aka steal my rocks) and test the resiliency of the plants, you know, with his feet.

Helping or stealing?

Helping or stealing?

Sometimes he decorates Daddy's truck!

Sometimes he decorates Daddy’s truck!

Amelia, on the other hand, took about two weeks before she realized that she could leave the red blanket.  She does not like to sit still and play quietly for 20 minutes.  If she is quiet that long, you can bet it is because she is gnawing on rocks, or wood or something other non-nutritive substance.

But I love to be outside with the kids.  Connor is very interested in gardening and I hope to foster that interest.  And Amelia does look so darn cute sitting in the grass!

Almost ONE!

Almost ONE!

Is he really helping?

Is he really helping?


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