High Five for Friday

So glad it is Friday!

Ann’s High Five for Friday!

  1. A really cool skin care company contacted ME about a review and giveaway!  Can’t wait until it arrives!
  2. I took two days off – yesterday and today, to garden and get ready for Amelia’s FIRST birthday party!

    Resting up for the big party!

    Resting up for the big party!

  3. Speaking of gardening…  I have weeded almost everything (the last to finish up this morning) and mulch is almost done.  And I am a wee bit tired!  This is kind of a big deal.  I have never been so on top of things so early.  Let’s hope I can keep it up!

    A "before" pic!

    A “before” pic!

  4. Amelia and Connor are eating the same foods at dinner time.  Well, at least we are offering the same foods.  I don’t think it is quite the end of baby food making.  I do want to keep some fruit and vegetable purees on hand to supplement their favorites.
  5. I was contacted by Colgate Optic White – they loved my blog post/review and wanted to use a quote in their marketing!  I feel like I am a real blogger now!

    Optic White by Colgate

    Optic White by Colgate

Happy Friday!

I am linked up over at Lauren Elizabeth formerly From My Grey Desk!

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