A Pink Party! Amelia’s first birthday party

The theme was pink… Because she is my baby girl and I am riding the pink wave until she gets all teenagey and moody…

The menu…

Salmon burgers (with some hamburgers thrown in)
Veggies and dip (blue cheese, horseradish tinted pink, just food coloring)
Shady Glen coleslaw tinted pink with beet juice
Pink fruit salad

Pink food!

Pink food!


Pink lemonade, pink wine, Mike’s pink lemonade and assorted seltzers with color coordinated labels!

Pink drinks!

Pink drinks!

The Decorations

I planned to have two spring babies so that their birthday parties could be outdoors!  Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans.  If I couldn’t have a party outside after weeding and mulching gardens, I was going to bring the garden to her!

I may have gone a little nuts with these.  Fortunately I did a quick search to find directions ahead of time.  I had a vague idea how to make the tissue paper flowers, but had no idea that each flower took a whole package (8 to 9 sheets) per flower.  Connor was just fascinated with the video tutorial I found, but of course I can’t find it again!

My best advice.  Do not attempt to make them with a baby and toddler helping!



The Cake!

Strawberry cake with lemon yellow cake balls.  This creation really should get it’s own post!

Supplemented with cupcakes from Sweet Little Moments by Jennifer and Kelly and two kinds of strawberry ice cream!

Pink ladybug!

Pink ladybug!

The Smash Cake!

Just a mini strawberry and lemon one.  She didn’t get very far before she was ready to throw it off the high chair, but I lathered on that frosting pretty thick so she got to spread it everywhere.

Smash cake and birthday girl!

Smash cake and birthday girl!

All in all it was a great day!  Amelia was very agreeable which was a little surprising and Connor got enough attention that he didn’t have any meltdowns in front of relatives!


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