Eat a Rainbow with a free printable

I have got some seriously picky eaters on my hands.  You name it Connor has pulled it.  Last night, he threw a fit about what chair he wanted to sit in!  So we have weeks when he will eat nothing but hotdogs and mac and cheese and then… You guessed it – refuses hot dogs and mac and cheese! Amelia isn’t much interested in eating baby food any more (Mama sad face) as she wants to be able to do it herself.

Sweet potato face!

Sweet potato face!

So I have been looking at new strategies to try and get this kid to eat more and healthier foods.  Summertime is a perfect time to eat more fruits and veggies!  First, I tried to get him really involved in picking out plants and planting the garden.  The other day he asked me if I wanted to “play gardening!” – Mama win right there!  Next I am trying to convince my husband to get a farm share at a local farm.  He is concerned that we will get too much of foods we don’t eat.  I think it is the perfect reason to TRY new vegetables and eat more seasonably.

The third plan of action was to get Connor involved in having more variety in his diet and I immediately thought of the “eat a rainbow” concept.  We are being very generous on the interpretation of this philosophy.  Some websites will tell you that this is all about fruits and vegetables. I am counting everything – including the blue “mopsicles” I made with blue jello!  Hey blue is a hard one!  I didn’t find quite what I was looking for online so I made my own.  I had seen one with the blue, purple, black category which made sense to me!  I made one for each kiddo and brought them to Staples to be printed and laminated.  They came out great! So I added the link to a PDF for you to print!

Eat a Rainbow Chart

Eat a Rainbow Chart

PDF for you to print! Eat a Rainbow Chart

Last night I showed them to Connor and we talked about what he had eaten that day.  That part is a little confusing.  He wants to be able to count everything he has eaten – EVER.  No, that one green bean you ate last week doesn’t count for today!  He was able to put a check mark in two boxes – red and brown/white with a dry erase marker on the laminated chart.  But Amelia’s chart had a lot more checks since I can control her food a bit better as long as she can pick it up.  She only missed the blue/purple/black column. And I could tell that Connor was  a bit perturbed that his sister had more checks than he did!  That is exactly the reaction I was hoping for!

Does blue frosting count?

Does blue frosting count?

Do you talk to your kids about eating a rainbow?  How is it going? Any hints or tips?


17 thoughts on “Eat a Rainbow with a free printable

  1. Great tips for picky eaters! Thanks for linking up with Mommy Mondays! I’ll have to keep this idea in mind for when Carter starts eating more real food and less bottle!

  2. What a neat idea! I have a toddler who is too picky with what he eats. He actually inspects the food to see if there is something hidden too. Yup! Can’t use that trick anymore :(. Hoping that once he knows his colors better we can try this one :). Thanks for sharing with us @ My Favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party!

    The Wondering Brain

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