A new look: Bloggy redesign!

After Google announced the the discontinuation of Google Reader and we all had a melt down, many of us made the transition to Bloglovin. They even added a follow button you can place on your side bar!  One of the elements that I really enjoy about Bloglovin’ is that when you are using the desktop version you are viewing each post as if you were on that page (sometimes you can even comment too) so you can see all the photos and the blog design and layout.  While they did just create an iPad app, there isn’t the photos or layout.  Although you just scroll down through all your posts so it is great to be able to read through things like one long continuous feed.

As I discover new blogs and check out hops and links, I became quickly struck how much time I would spend reading a post(s) if I liked the look of the blog.  Namely if I could read things easily and wasn’t blown away by too many images and flashy things, I would spend more time reading posts.  And then I started following my own blog via bloglovin’ to see how it looked.  As I was scrolling through posts and came across one of mine, I was appalled!  Suddenly my own blog had become a cluttered mess of too many patterns, colors and images.

Thus Friday afternoon (and into night after the kiddos went to bed) I did a quick redesign!    Who am I kidding – Those gosh darn social media buttons always take me forever.  I can never quite get the code right and it takes me like a BAZILLION adjustments to get it just right. I have continued to use a photo of the Smith Bulb show I took in 2009 across all my social media, but on the blog it was just looking like a little too much lately.  So I used just a slice of that photo as the header.  I got rid of all the extra large buttons on my side bar and added some additional social media icons to simplify things.  Then I created an extra page to house the various blog hops and links etc that I have come across and participate in on occasion.

Smith Bulb Show 2009

Smith Bulb Show 2009

But then I discovered a new instagram widget! So I added just one more picture down there!  Oops!  But, overall I like the new cleaner look!  What do you think?


9 thoughts on “A new look: Bloggy redesign!

  1. My blog definitely needs a makeover! No time, though. Yours looks nice. I’ve been using Feedly instead of Google Reader, so I only notice blog designs when I actually click through to read the blog on the site, which isn’t often. Good thing you mentioned your redesign!

  2. your blog looks great! i really like the ‘cleanliness’ and simplicity of this theme. whenever i want to make a change to mine, it takes forever to navigate–even if it is just changing the blog header! way to go!

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