A product review and my first GIVEAWAY!

I was so excited when Dermagist contacted me to do a product review and offered to sponsor a giveaway! Of course I said YES! An opportunity to try a new skin care product and a chance to finally do a giveaway. Sounds great to me!

I immediately checked out their website. Wow… these products aren’t your “run of the mill, drug store variety”. This was a fabulous high end product with all kinds of before and after pictures. They asked me to choose a product based on my particular skin care needs. Well, I am 40 so I took a peek at the anti-aging products, but decide to try the clarifying products for acne prone skin. Unfortunately, even at 40, this is still an issue for me.

I was super excited when I opened the box to discover both the detoxifying cleanser and the clarifying cream in full size bottles. This meant that I really got to try the products for several days before I wrote my review which I think is really important in skin care products. The first thing I noticed was the scent – a very light citrus fragrance. Super important when I am purchasing any kind of facial product, or any cleaning product for that matter!



I tried it immediately. I was very nervous that an acne cleansing product would be harsh and dry out my skin, but it was so gentle. So then I was worried that it wouldn’t work at all. So it took me a few days to try it before I could give it my stamp of approval. But after about a week, it was obvious that the detoxifying cleanser was going to work beautifully – non-drying and yet my skin was getting clearer and clearer every day!

The clarifying cream is nice and thick.  I used just a smidge on a damp makeup sponge and it wasn’t too heavy at all, even during that brief heat wave we had.  In the winter I think it will be quite lovely to have a nice thick moisturizer that doesn’t clog my skin.  The only downside is that it doesn’t contain any SPF so I still need to add a little of that.  I like Neutrogena’s Health Skin Glow Sheers for sunscreen with a bit of coverage.


Now for the FUN part!  I get to share it with you!  Each comment will get you an entry and there are FIVE different things you can comment about. The contest will close on Monday, June 18th at 5:00 pm EST.

Comment on this post and tell me!

  1. All about your skin care woes at this stage in life
  2. That you liked Such a Mama on Facebook
  3. That you are following Such a Mama on Twitter
  4. That you have Liked Dermagist on Facebook and comment about why you want to try their product
  5. That you are Following Dermagist on Pinterest

So basically you have an opportunity to have FIVE different entries in this giveaway! And just comment and tell me what you did (include a URL if you can). Let’s keep it simple, shall we!

Unfortunately, you are not eligible to win a Dermagist system if you have already done so. Bummer, sorry!

Go! Enter now!

Dermagist was kind enough to supply both the products that I received and the giveaway, but I wasn’t compensated in any other way and my opinions are definitely my own!  Trust me, if it wasn’t good stuff, I wouldn’t want to share!


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