Connor is FOUR!

Today Connor is FOUR!  He is a real grown up little boy!  I stole this post idea from Lori over at I Can Grow People.  Because she is awesome! I can’t wait to read her posts about her new daughter Quinn.  Ummm…  what an AWESOME name!

What Connor is Wearing These Days:

He is wearing 3T pants and shorts, as long as they have the adjustable waist bands.  He might be getting new shortalls for his birthday!

He is wearing 4T shirts, but sometimes they look a bit too big.  He mostly still wears 2T and 3T jamas, but mostly because he hasn’t gotten his new ones for his birthday.  I did finally pull out some favorite 18 month ones and pack them up.  Yes, they still fit, but they looked silly!

He loves robot and dinosaur t-shirts as long as they are not too scary.  It is not always predicable about what will be too scary.

He is wearing size 8 sneakers and these cool sandals from Old Navy.  Last year he boycotted flips flops which made going anywhere sandy a bit of an issue.  It took a few tries and some intermediate sock wearing to get these on him, but he is good to go now!



What Connor is Eating:

This continues to be our biggest challenge.  We recently implemented the Eat a Rainbow Chart which has really helped, but his green column is completely empty this week.  We just got our first farm share, so I am hopeful that will turn things around, especially once he is able to go pick it up with us.  Right now he has a scheduling conflict!

What Connor is Saying:

Some Connorisms…

Occasionally I may threaten him him with “You are going to be in timeout for the rest of your life” if he threatens to wake up his napping sister.  Now he likes to tell us we can’t do something “for the rest of your life”!

He is learning to repeat inappropriate phrases over and over again.  When I asked him to stop saying “poopy butt” for the bazillionth time, he asked why.  When I told him that they were not nice words he said, “no, they are funny words!”

And he chants things, over and over again… Loudly…  Yesterday was “Baby sister needs a nap”, while she was crying.  It was just lovely…

What Connor Likes These Days:

Dinosaurs, robots and sharks, as long as they are not scary.  He likes to get books at the library about these sorts of topics.  Our library is very small and the non-fiction section in the children’s room is very old.  These books are painful.

He loves playing outside on his swing set and helping me “play garden”. It is hit or miss.  Some days he is a good helper, other days he throws dirt in his own hair.

My little photographer

My little photographer

What Connor Doesn’t Like These Days:

TMI….  Putting stinky in the potty.  Otherwise potty training is going pretty well.

Sleeping in his own room.  We would occasionally let him sleep up in our room, in a nest of blankets on the floor, when present-carrying-visitors (i.e., Santa or the Easter Bunny) might come into the house in the middle of the night.  Now he wants to sleep upstairs all of the time.  Honestly, I am surprised it took him this long.  I thought that he would feel this way when we brought Amelia home from the hospital when she was born.

Toys that are scary.  This seems to be toys that talk.  Amelia’s baby toys that make noise seem to be okay.  However, Alphie, the very sweet talking robot, is way too scary.  He lives up in Amelia’s closet now.

Asking for help.  He would prefer to have a hysterical meltdown first when he becomes frustrated.

So cute!

So cute!

What Connor is Doing:

Holding it! Potty training is going much better.  No diapers at all, even at night.

Swimming lessons early in the spring and now gymnastics!  Both of these classes were without parents.  I was completely impressed with how well he does listening and following direction.  You know, in class, not at home.

What We Are Working On:

Listening to directions.

Asking for help before the hysterical meltdown.

Eating more vegetables.

4 thoughts on “Connor is FOUR!

  1. You are so sweet! I hope to get to posting about Quinn’s birth soon 🙂 I love those shorts with adjustable waistbands–so great! We also can’t predict what Porter finds scary…usually something in a cartoon that causes him to run out of the room 😦

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