Orange cranberry sugar cookies

Like most of us, I have pinned a bazillion dessert recipes on Pinterest.  No motivation/inspirational exercise pins over here! I really like the pins that encourage you you to combine interesting ingredients like wrapping and oreo cookie in chocolate cookie dough.  While I have tried that, mine look like flying saucers with the cookie dough lying flat around the oreo….

Anyway, while perusing my pins, I came upon one of my favorite flavor combinations: cranberry and orange, read the recipe, decide it was just too many steps and came up with my own!

1 package of sugar cookie mix (with butter and eggs)
1 orange
dried cranberries

I made 1 package of sugar cookie mix, made as instructed on the package for drop cookies.

Then I threw in a couple of handfuls of dried cranberries.

Then I put the bowl in the fridge to get it harder since I made it on a really hot day and it was a squishy mess.

I zested a whole orange into a small bowl of sugar.  I kept adding more sugar and stirred it with a fork until I got a nice loose consistency I could roll the cookies into.

Zested orange!

Zested orange!

I rolled the cookies into firm balls and then rolled into the orange sugar.

I baked the cookies per the directions on the package.

I didn’t take a picture of the cookies because I packed them up and sent them off for dessert at a fundraiser.  I did try one later at the event and was surprised at how good they were!  Definitely a recipe to add to my cookie baking repertoire!

So instead…  A cute picture of my kids!

Cute kids.... no cookie pictures :(

Cute kids…. no cookie pictures 😦


19 thoughts on “Orange cranberry sugar cookies

  1. Well since i can’t taste the cookie, I’ll take the picture of the cute kids! 😉 I have two cuties of my own too. I am a new follower here from The No Rules Hop. I’d love for you to check my blog out sometime. Have a great week!

    Heather from Mommy Only Has 2 Hands

  2. Love the picture!! LOL:)) Smarty lady, tease us with cookies but since no pictures, let us see those cuties!! It works for me!! The cookies sound great also:)

    Just dropping in from Let’s Get Social Sunday to thank you for joining in!
    Now following via Pinterest!

    @ My Turn for us

  3. Your cookies sound delicious! I, too, love the flavors of orange and cranberry together. I’m making notes and we’ll be trying this in our kitchen. Thank you!

  4. Found you on the blog hop at Stone Cottage Adventures. Love this flavor combo! We have a lot of citrus trees in our yard. I think I’m going to tuck this recipe away for later when the new fruit ripens. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. These sound delicious, definitely one to try this summer – I love citrus flavours and cranberries are one of my favourite fruits!
    I’ve come over from the Chateau des Fleur linky party 🙂

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