Come on over!

Welcome to the new Such a Mama!  Yep…  it does look a lot like and that wasn’t easy to do!  But I did it!

How do you have the time?  It isn’t easy, this mommy blogging stuff.  But it gives me an outlet… Sometimes it is about being creative, sometimes it is about giving me a new technology challenge…  Sometimes it is just about getting these mama stories out of my head!

I used to be crafty.  Painting furniture, sewing, making jewelry.  All of those things have taken a back seat mostly because they are messy and tiny hands get into everything!  If my creativity lives out here on the blogosphere, they can’t accidentally dismantle it or eat it or cover themselves in jpegs!

I can do it in small chunks of time and just walk away when there are baths to be had to laundry to be folded.

I am excited for this next level of blogging!  I hope you will come along!

He really likes her!

Gosh they are just too cute!

4 thoughts on “Come on over!

    • There definitely were some bumps in the road, but I feel like it was manageable. Don’t worry… I’ll talk you through it!

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