My last post here…

Because we have built a new page!  How EXCITING!

Today is the last post here at because I took the leap and purchased!

Come on over and check it out!

Yes, it pretty much looks the same…  And that wasn’t easy to do, let me tell you!  I am not going to delete this site quite yet.  It was a bit nerve wracking to make the change and I am not quite ready to let the first version disappear into the cyber wasteland.  But moving to a self hosted blog gives me the opportunity to add some feature and have a bit more control.  I am still using WordPress, just the .org version instead of .com.

So come on over!  Bloglovin follower?  Add me here!

Everything else, facebook, twitter is still the same.





7 thoughts on “My last post here…

  1. Ann, “caaaan’t get thera from hera”! Happy new page but I can’t acces even when clicking on the new site name.

    • Absolutely! I am going to write a more detailed post this weekend. It was definitely scary, but I used Kat’s guidance here:
      I had also received a free year of hosting from GoDaddy for participating in an online webinar for bloggers.
      Tip#1 Buy your domain name from GoDaddy or whatever web hosting site you go with. Apparently if you purchase it through wordpress the web hosting site might make you wait 6 months before allowing you to host your URL. I did it all in own swoop which made it much simpler.

  2. Congrats! Definitely the best thing I did was switching over!! Thanks for sharing at Thank You Honey’s Whatever Wednesday Party!



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