Raspberry Picking

In summers past, my friend Sheri has sold raspberries she picks from her garden at the end of her driveway.  This year she was unable to pick and I was worried that they would go to waste – or eaten by birds!  So we asked if we could come on over and turn her backyard into a “pick your own” raspberry patch! Her lovely husband John was kind enough to grab my camera and snap some pictures of us raspberry picking.

Raspberriy picking

Truth be told, I had been craving those sweet berries all winter long and Sheri’s are way better than the grocery store.  Last year, I threw them in a big bowl of watermelon and the sweet and sour fruits were just perfect!  I also threw them in a big pitcher of lemonade and they looked adorable!

This year, I am pretty much eating them straight from the bowl, with once exception… I have attempted to make my own fruit snacks – you know the little packages of jelly candy that Connor adores.  Stay turned! So far the results are mixed, but I have hope that Connor will be open to fruit that isn’t shaped like Lightening McQueen!




10 thoughts on “Raspberry Picking

  1. We went raspberry picking this morning. Can’t wait to make something from them or just eat them as is. Sounds like you had a fun day. Visiting here from the Friday Follow Along Party.

  2. Hey Ann! Raspberry picking is such an awesome way to get your kids involved with healthy eating! I love this! I definitely want to do this with my son when he gets older! I’m coming to you from the Friday Follow Along hop! Would love for you to stop by and link this post up to the Get Fit Friday Hop! This post fits in that perfectly! I hope you have a splendid weekend! ❤

  3. Raspberries are one of my faves! And fresh? Mmmm.
    When we lived in south Mississippi, there was a wild blackberry bush right next to our house that didn’t belong to anyone, so my bro and I would go out and pick them when we were kids.

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