Making homemade healthy fruit snacks


I am constantly struggling to find healthy food that Connor will eat.  One of the worst things I ever gave him was those cartoon shaped fruit treats.  It started as a bribe to get him to the car in the morning.  It is still a serious part of our morning negotiations. Why just yesterday, he lost his treat for repeatedly using me as a bumper car! I am always on the lookout for healthy fruit snacks.

A few weeks ago we ran out and I headed out to see what else I could find .  I had my eye on some super healthy organic ones that we had received as free sample and he loved, but alas, they are only available online and for $5 for a box of five!  Eghads! And our local grocery store didn’t have the fruit bunnies which are a tad healthier but still pretty pricey.   Just as I had been complaining about how horrible these things were after lamenting that there were no other options, another mom posted this recipe on Facebook and I pinned it!

That’s right –  I pinned and then I actually made it! It is another Pinterest food challenge from Sandpaper and Glue!

My version of the recipe:

Homemade Healthy Fruit Snacks

2/3 cup fresh raspberries
2/3 cup orange juice
a big squirt of honey
5 packages of knox plain gelatin (a smidge less than a tablespoon per pack)

No pictures for this part- cooking with kids and taking pictures is more challenging that you would think!
I boiled the fruit and juice and added the honey at the end.  I threw the whole mess in the blender for a few minutes, then let it cool a bit before I added in the gelatin.
I added the gelatin in small amounts, but ended up putting it all back in the blender again because it was so lumpy.  If I were to make it again, I might leave it in the blender after it cooked and added the gelatin in there.

Homemade Healthy Fruit Snacks

Homemade Healthy Fruit Snacks


1.  I poured it in an 8 by 8 glass pan and stuck it in the fridge, trying to keep it level. It was very cloudy and bubbly on top.

2. Once it solidified (quicker than I thought) I was able to slide out the whole thing!  Much prettier and shiny – and better color once it cooled, but you can still see the spots of gelatin.

3. It was very easy to slice up and cube.

4. I have stored the cubes in my handy snack containers and keep them in the fridge because they are a bit melty and sticky – however we are in the midst of a heatwave and everything is melty and sticky!

The verdict………. Alas, Connor won’t touch the homemade healthy fruit snacks. I am not sure if he was even willing to try them, Dad made that initial attempt.  However, he keeps looking at the picture on pinterest and tells me he wants me to make those.  I TRIED to kiddo!  Amelia on the other hand, thinks they are great!  She is getting pickier and picker down right refusing anything that resembles baby food. Oh how I will miss making baby food!  On to toddler finger food recipes!  Maybe I will try again with blueberries and apple juice?






15 thoughts on “Making homemade healthy fruit snacks

  1. I’ve noticd that kids notice change like no other. Their opinions on how something tastes may not have anything to do with how it actually tastes. I’ve found that if I keep offering my healthy alternatives without too much pressure and while the junk is not in the house, I usually have some success. The other day my teenager was looking for the “normal” tortillas. He meant the whole wheat ones we now use. I was thrilled. Whole wheat is our new normal. It is hard to compete with all of those fun characters that the no-fruit fruit snacks offer. Why wouldn’t kids like them? They are full of sugar like candy and feature their favorite characters. Thanks so much for sharing this healthy alternative with us.

  2. Have you tried putting them in fun shaped molds….then maybe it would convince him to try them?! I’m thinking of making the switch with all packaged snacks and making them myself…we will see how my kids like them. Worse comes to worse….homemade dried fruit may be our substitute for gummies but we will see.

  3. Glad to hear that Amelia is a fan of those fruit snacks! I think that if you’d not whizzed it up with the gelatin in it, perhaps it wouldn’t have gotten so airy and maybe the others would think it looked more like “normal” jello and gone for it. It sounds delicious though!

  4. I need to try making these. My son is also addicted to the bunnies or the organic gummy bears I found one time at Target and they no longer carry. I wonder if he would like them if they weren’t in cute little animal shape. Knowing his picky self probably not, but I think I am going to try anyways because it would be a lot cheaper.

    Thanks for linking up with the Tuesday Baby link up last week. I would love for you to link up again this week!

  5. Oh my goodness! Love you for finding this! I literally cannot get my toddler to eat fruit these days. I’m not sure exactly what has happened. He was eating some of it when I started giving him purees and now he looks at it with disgust and pushes it away. Luckily he is eating meat, spinach and broccoli. How could I complain when my toddler likes green veggies and meat right? I know! Well I definitely pinned this to my kids corner board so that I can try it out to see if he will like it! Perfect post for the Get Fit Friday Hop. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing this awesome post! ❤

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