High Five for Friday

Another Friday and another week of summer gone by! My favorite things from the week!

Ann’s High Five for Friday 

  1. We spent Saturday morning at the farm where we get out farm share and my friend Sheri’s picking raspberries!



  2. We started packing up the kitchen in preparation of a complete kitchen remodel.
  3. I started picking up a few supplies for our VACATION!
  4. Amelia said MAMA!  Nobody else seems to hear it, but I did!

    She said MAMA!

    She said MAMA!

  5. I found Olay Fresh Effects BB cream on clearance for $5 because it had a damaged box and I had a coupon for Almay Lip Balm.

    Beauty Bargains!

    Beauty Bargains!


I am also linked up with Lauren Elizabeth!    photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png


11 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

    • My husband is the coupon clipper in our family (he’s cheap!) but know I can feel less guilty on a little splurge for me!

  1. I really want to make some homemade jam this year, I need to get to berry picking! Thanks for the reminder 😀
    That is so excited that Amelia said mama! I remember the first time my son said it, it absolutely melts your heart!!
    Stopping by from Friday Favorites ♥

  2. That sounds like an AWESOME week! Congrats on “Ma ma” my FAVE new word they say! hahaha
    My favorite place to shop is the CLEARANCE RACK, destroyed packaging is a huge HIGH FIVE!

  3. Ooooh it’s sooo exciting when they say mama for the first time! Oh well, doesn’t matter if anyone else heard it, you did and that’s all that matters 🙂

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