Blueberry Picking – A family tradition

This past weekend we went blueberry picking at our favorite pick your own place down the road.  We started going there even before we had kids and have been back every summer without fail. This is Connor’s fifth blueberry picking season! But apparently the only year I have ever taken any picture!

blueberry picking

We normally pick around 10 to 12 pounds at the first outing and we do try and go more than once.  There is a favorite blueberry recipe I usually make (more than once if I can get enough berries!) I love that we can pick them ourselves! But it has become more – a family tradition, a place that we go year after year.  Connor is always asking all winter long when we can go back.  That makes the berries all the more sweeter!


Another bucket list item checked off!


5 thoughts on “Blueberry Picking – A family tradition

  1. What a wonderful and scrumptious family tradition!! Thank you so much for linking up with the Tattler Thursday Blog Hop. (ImNoHumdrum *co-host*)

  2. OMGosh…I just checked out my patch last night. I need to wait for another few weeks before mine are ready. I am so looking forward to them. I can never pick enough of them as I have a almost 15 yr old blueberry monster who eats them right out of the freezer as a snack (healthy so I cannot complain) My only complaint is he eats them all before winter so it becomes a long winter with plain muffins and pancakes. lol.

    Stopping on by from Deezy does it showcase

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