High Five for Friday!

Thank goodness for Friday!!!  Gosh working five days in a row is exhausting…

Ann’s High Five for Friday!

  1. We went blueberry picking!  That means a whole lot of blueberry EATING!
    blueberry picking
  2. I turned in the registration forms for Connor’s preschool!
  3. Barefoot Riesling…  Sometimes a screw top is just easier!

    Friday Barefoot Riesling

    Barefoot Riesling

  4. Freeman’s new Charcoal and Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask! I loved all the Freeman’s products when they came out in the 90’s.  Our local grocery store carried everything and tried them ALL.  They seem harder to find these days, but after poking around their website I might have to do a little online shopping!  Greta products, good ingredients and so affordable!
    Freeman Mask Friday
  5. We had one night so far this week we didn’t have to blast the air conditioner!

As always, linked up with Lauren Elizabeth!
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6 thoughts on “High Five for Friday!

  1. MAJOR HIGH FIVE for turning off the A/C, ours has been off for TWO DAYS now, woo hoo! Even though it’s raining in the Midwest, I’m leaving them open. It’s nice to get fresh air in here and not have a huge electric bill!

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