Things that drive me crazy!

We all have them, don’t we?  The pet peeves, the things that make your skin crawl, rage flare, hair stand on end!  Here is my top 10: Things that drive me crazy!

  1. People who drive on the wrong side of the road.  Especially in parking lots!
  2. When people spell a lot as one word.
  3. Misspellings, not using correct capitalization and incorrect grammar in social media, especially in big public discussion groups. An occasional typo is okay, but learning how to use the shift key correctly should be mandatory when you sign up for a Facebook account!
  4. The force field around the laundry basket that prevents the dirty socks from going in.
  5. Fake flowers outside in a garden. Inside they are okay in moderation, but outside – that is just weird!
  6. Visible tattoos in the workplace. Keep them covered on the job!
  7. Kids clothing made from camo.  Camo is for shooting….  military or hunting.  Not appropriate for kids!
  8. When people end their sentence with “so…” Just finish your sentence!
  9. When people bring food to a party that is not a pot luck, particularly when I have a themed meal and the addition doesn’t fit the theme!
  10. Kids pajamas that come in sets of three.  Two tops and one bottom, or two bottoms and one top?  WHY?  There is always one left over that doesn’t match and that throws off the whole rotation of jamas!



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