Getting ready to transplant day lilies

This fall, we will transplant a good number of day lilies. When we first moved into our house seven summers ago, we were able to gather a number of iris and day lily plants to line the driveway. The iris have exploded, leaving very little room for the lilies.

Iris and Day Lilies

Lots and lots of irises!

There was also a couple of different planting styles happening here.  When I planed the iris or day lilies, I planted them in like groups, a group of iris, a group of  day lilies.  Kevin decided to alternate plants and unfortunately the lilies lost out on the deal.  Even the bearded iris have some challenges getting space to grow.  Ummm… how weird is it that the iris colors have divided themselves up in rows like that. Anyone have an explanation? (The yellow ones are the bearded iris and have a much different leaf structure)

Anyway….  I have some beds planned for just day lilies to thrive and multiply to their hearts’ content.  The best time to transplant day lilies is in the fall, or at the soonest, after their blooms are spent, but then you don’t know what color they were. We have a fair number of orange plants that are doing better, but I want to be able to move the yellow and red ones so that they have a chance to get a little bigger.  I pulled out my handy dandy curling ribbon and tied a short piece – maybe 6 to 8 inches on the plants I want to move in the fall.

Day lilies

Pretty clever, huh?!?!? Now it will be easy to tell which ones are which in the fall when we are ready to transplant them! Some days my genius surprises even me!



7 thoughts on “Getting ready to transplant day lilies

  1. Such pretty blooms!! Could you come help with some landscaping at our abode? We desperately need a green thumb like yours!!! 😦

    Thanks for linking up at our Home Improvement party today! I’ll be sharing this on FB!

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