A few updates: Mostly about teeth

Right as we were leaving for vacation, Amelia decided to pop out a few more teeth and she has kept them coming.  Her first 6 popped in right as we went on vacation last January and then there was nothing until July.  There are like 5 all coming in at once!



Connor did really well at his dentist appointment too.  He loves bringing home his goodie bag of toothbrushes, toothpaste, those cool kid’s flossing contraptions and stickers.  He has two molars coming in too.



But Mama is losing one!  This afternoon, I am having one wisdom tooth out.  It turns out I only have two on one side, but one is way behind bone and needs to stay put.  So one… but it turns out it is going to be a bit of a bigger deal. Unfortunately my mouth is just not conducive to dental work and this one is kind of in an awkward place.

So I am not sure what will be happening over here on the bloggity blog while I am recovering.  Perhaps I will be conscious enough to sit up at a computer, but I am not holding out hope!


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