More than Mommies TMI Vlog!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to host a blog mixer with More than Mommies. Included in their link up is a really cute vlogging idea: Mommies TMI . Janene and Christine pose three questions that you can answer in your vlog. I tried desperately to do it for that week I was hosting, but after several failed attempts including a lost video, Amelia pulling down my top while video and annoying telemarketing calls, it just didn’t happen. We are trying again this week!

This week’s three questions:

  1. What is your favorite book?
  2. What is your go-to recipe?
  3. What is the craziest thing hanging on your fridge?

Connor was such a big help!  It has been fun to do these videos with him (even if they don’t always get published). He really likes thinking about his answers and I am fascinated with what he comes up with!

Just for clarification: Engine Turtles are what he calls Ninja Turtle!  It is just too darn cute to correct him!

Here is my previous blog about chili!

Kevin would like to clarify – there are only two Hartford Whalers magnet’s on the fridge.


12 thoughts on “More than Mommies TMI Vlog!

  1. You (and your little guy) did such a GREAT job with your first vlog! I loved it!

    I am reading the HP books with my girls this Summer. We are well into the third book right now and they are just LOVING them! I hadn’t read them before so we are discovering the wizarding world together for the first time. I am so glad we’ve decided to read them this summer, it’s been a great way to unwind and reconnect with my kids!

    • I cannot WAIT for Connor to be old enough for them. He is still too young and Amelia is way too young. I am also going to insist they read all teh books before teh movies and go to the theme park. Soooo I may start them earlier than I should!

  2. Too cute! My daughter is still at that age where she says stuff that so cute (but so wrong) that I hate to correct her as well, I thought I was the only mom who did that! LOL! Looks like you had a really cool, scenic view! I love chili, so I’ll be checking out your recipe, thanks for sharing.

  3. We love Chili, too! I will have to check out your recipe! Jerry usually makes it but he is willing to try new recipes. 🙂

    I LOVED the Harry Potter Books!!! I read the first 4 in a week!!

    Thanks so much for participating in the Mommy TMI this week! Loved your answers!

  4. WOW, congratulations on your first vlog. You did an awesome job! I find vlogging to be hard – mostly, because I have to comb my hair and look realitively decent. The thing I like about blogging is that it really doesn’t matter what I look like doing it….you know?

    But you look great!

    Thanks for sharing!

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