Rock Painting: One more check on our bucket list!

I had seen so many cute pins about rock painting, I knew that Connor would love it and it would be a great addition to our summer bucket list. But because of Pinterest, I couldn’t just paint some rocks with my son… It became this multi-step process that lasted for weeks!

It started simply enough.  A bit of paint, a few rocks.  Interestingly enough, while Connor was all excited to paint rocks, he didn’t want to paint HIS rocks.  So we needed to find some new rocks,  Since he has collected about every rock in the yard, this wasn’t an easy task.

Just a few rocks

Just a few rocks

Once he ran out of rocks, he decided that it was okay to paint his rocks….  Remember how I said he had already collected ever rock in the yard (and from several states as well)? Suddenly we had a lot of rocks to paint!

Lots more rocks!

Lots more rocks!

Connor did most of the design, I just went back in and helped with the second coats! Rock painting takes a lot of coffee!

Mama's coffee!

Mama’s coffee!

I decided to use some of his paints, the washable tempera paints.  Great for washing out of clothes, not so much for sticking to the rocks.  The first round of painting didn’t produce great results.  I decided to stick with that paint, do multiple coats and then spray with some kind of sealer.

The finished product

The finished product

I stole about 28 of his smaller rocks and used paint pens to write the letters of the alphabet – I added an extra N and A so that we could spell out both kids names!  Then I spread them all out on newspaper in the back yard and gave them a light coat of clear gloss spray paint. I am not really very confident that they would survive any serious outside time or rough handling, but they are just rocks after all!



Connor is very excited to share them with his friends and give them as gifts.  I would like to do some big flat rocks that we have collected from the ocean for the some grandmothers’ gardens, but I guess I better test the durability of these first!



23 thoughts on “Rock Painting: One more check on our bucket list!

  1. So fun! I only haven’t done this because I need to get some non-washable paint so we can keep them outside. Thank you for linking up on the Learn Through Play hop! You’ve been pinned! Please share the hop and come back throughout the month for more great ideas and to follow some new friends!

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