High Five for Friday

The last Friday of August… the last Friday of the summer!

Ann’s High Five for Friday

  1. Did you see what is new and exciting over here at Such a Mama??? Ads!  Go ahead… you know what to do!high five for friday
  2. Students are arriving back to school and on campus.  Yeah for academic energy!  Summers may be nice and relaxed, but they are too quiet if you ask me.
  3. Connor has not had an “accident” in a month!  I officially declare him potty trained!

    My big boy!

    My big boy!

  4. Amelia is totally into being a big girl.  The other day she plopped herself down in front of the sitter after nap time and demanded she have her hair in ponytails too.



  5. So remember that green monster growing in our compost pile?  There seems to be some serious gourd growing in there.  Still not sure if it is watermelon or pumpkin.  Sad part… where we actually planted giant pumpkin seeds… nothing!

    compost surprise

    compost surprise

Happy Friday!

As always, linked up with Lauren Elizabeth!

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14 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. Yah on your little boy being potty trained!! My son will be two this september and I know we will have to start soon so he is ready for preschool! I know its a long road and I bet you are glad he is done! So glad that you linked up with Friday Favorites! I love co-hosting and being able to meet new bloggers =)
    Check out my blog and you can follow along here: http://thediaryofarealhousewife.blogspot.com

    • Thanks so much! I am a big believer in waiting until they are ready and my son was not ready for a long time. Does he have to be for preschool? Ours does not, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t tell him he couldn’t wear a diaper to school. That was a big motivator for him.

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