High 5 for Friday: The mac and cheese edition!

Mixing up the high five for Friday posts over here at Such a Mama!  Connor my super picky eater is on another mac and cheese jag.  You know, as soon as this post is published he will refuse to eat it again.  Right now we are on a character shaped mac and cheese jag.  So know not only does it have to come out of the blue box, it has to be the right shape – oy vey!

Here are five ways I make box mac and cheese healthier!

Kraft mac and cheese

Kraft mac and cheese from youknowyouloveit.com

  1. I add pureed orange veggies.  When I was still making baby food for Amelia I made up a whole stash of both sweet potatoes and carrots.  Right now Connor doesn’t mind when I add the carrot puree, but he noticed the sweet potatoes.  I had just mashed them and it was too stringing.  Also good to have on hand when making brownies.
  2. I add LOTS of butter! Real butter!  Here my goal is to bump up the calories, never mind that butter makes everything better!
  3. I will only use whole milk, never skim and I am happy to use even heavy cream if I have it on hand.
  4. I add some extra cheese, either parmesan or shredded cheddar. Parmesan seems to work nicely and doesn’t make it too sticky.
  5. If he will let me, I will add cut up veggies, like broccoli or cut up meat like ham or hot dogs.  This has been hit or miss as of late.  This is usually a case of asking for the hot dogs to be mixed in and then refusing to eat them.

With all the extra pureed veggies, butter and cream I add, I do tend to put it back on a low burner to thicken it up a bit so it isn’t so runny.  My biggest goal for Connor is getting him to eat anything – really – anything!  So when there is something he likes, like mac and cheese, I try and get as many calories and extra nutrients in there as I can!

My big boy!

My big boy!

 Happy Friday!


I hope you have a happy Friday!

As always, linked up with Lauren Elizabeth!

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6 thoughts on “High 5 for Friday: The mac and cheese edition!

  1. I’ve heard of hiding veggies, but never thought to add it to the beloved mac & cheese. It’s sneaky and brilliant. Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync. 🙂

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