Taking a break!

I can’t do it all.  I have tried.  At the end of each day I am feeling more and more frazzled, more behind, less accomplished.  I know that this is temporary.  That one day my kids will be

more self sufficient, less needy, dare I less, less whiny?

The only time I feel like I am doing what I am supposed to is when I am just being a mom, just cuddling, just playing.  I need to look at the things that are taking away from that time.  The

biggest pull away from time with them will always be work.  I would love to give that up, but I can’t.  Really, I even asked my husband at dinner again – he still says no!

There are things that we do for their education, their community, their health, that while it sometimes takes away from them, I know will give back to them, like serving on the board of Connor’s preschool.

So I have to look at what I can give up that won’t hurt them.  Today it is this blog.  While it

may be about them, it is more for me.  I hope it is just a quick break.  I certainly know blogs that are much more inconsistent than mine and still just as meaningful.  Maybe a week, a month.  I am not sure.  Today I need to free up that time and space in my brain that is getting in the way while I look for more things to let go of. Because that is what is important to me, right now, at this moment.

Amelia and Connor

Because of this


8 thoughts on “Taking a break!

  1. Honey, do what you have to do. I rested from blogging for a sweet minute, it was really the only option. My daughter is eleven, and I’m still looking for that break. If and when you find it, do share.


    The Confession of a Single Mom

    • Thanks so much! My 16 month old is super clingy these days. I know there will be moments when they are more independent. Right now, we are not having any of those moments!

  2. I hear you! Blogging takes up a lot of time, which is why I haven’t done a whole lot of it lately. Full-time job + husband + house + kids = negative leftover time! Enjoy your blog break.

  3. Aww! I totally hear you momma! I felt the same when I was trying to have a home business. It just kept me away from baby always trying to be on the computer to do marketing to make money. Finally I got the revelation that hubby could care or less if I made money from it and my son was in need of my attention. I have just been committed to homemaking and blogging while they sleep. I love writing so it works. You will find something that works. It sounds like you really want to stay home at least more so than now. I hope your husband changes his mind then 🙂

  4. We do what we feel our hearts and intuition are telling us to do. I admire you for giving up something that you feel is pulling you away from your role as a mom, and I read several blogs that do not post consistently. Content is what really matters anyway. Enjoy your break ❤

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