31 Days of Stop Drop and Parent

I took a bit of a blogging break – about 2 weeks in fact.  I didn’t have any kind of time frame in mind.  I just knew I had to let go a little bit.  I had to let go of trying to blog every day, of stats – so obsessed with the stats, the hopping and linking…. I was so busy with the blogging about parenting, I didn’t have time to parent! Then I was reminded about the 31 Days Challenge at the Nesting Place and was pleased to find the Family Life category.  It seems like a perfect way to ease back into blogging!


First I had to find an appropriate title for a series of 31 posts about what I was trying to do at home with my kiddos.  I started by googling a few phrases:”intentional parenting” and “parenting with a purpose” were the words that made those most sense, but there particular phrases both had strong connections with religious connotation and that was not the theme I was going for.

And then the phrase “stop, drop and parent” came to mind!  It was just perfect!  This is all about me – making an intentional effort to stop obsessing about the blogging, drop the whatever else was distracting me and really focus on my kiddos in that moment!  But by blogging about it, I can get back to the intention of why I started the gosh darn blog in the first place.  I hope to “stop” obsessing about the stats and “drop” all the crazy linking and other time sucking blogging behaviors! (You know except this one link party!) And just be a mama!

Day 1: The letter P
Day 2: More from the letter P
Day 3: Spelling
Day 4: Sitting on the floor
Day 5 and 6: Bath and Bedtime
Day 7: Moving Furniture
Day 8: Counting
Days 9 and 10 Co-parenting
Day 11 Friday
Days 12 and 13: Apple crisp
Day 14: Swinging
Day 15: After Dinner Learning
Day 16: Morning Meltdown
Day 17: Learning from her brother
Day 21: A desk
Day 22: Scholastic Reading Club
Days 23 and 24: Gymnastics
Day 25: Friday
Day 29: Tagging our Christmas Tree
Day 30: Fall Bucket List Update
Day 31: Halloween!





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