Day 1 of 31 Days: This post is sponsored by the letter P!

Stop, Drop and Parent:
Day 1 of the 31 Days Challenge over at the Nester

Today’s Parenting Moment!

At Connor’s school, he has the letter of the week.  This week is the letter P!  All morning long we looked for P things and talked about P words.  Pretzels, pink pigs, pants, the park, pickles, pumpkins.  Even on the drive to school we looked for all things that started with P: post office, police station, paint, pavement, porch.

The transition to Preschool (another P!) has been harder that I imagined it would have been.  The first few days were hard, but he has really been missing his friend’s from the sitter’s house.  After the initial novelty wore off (the first two days), he has not been a fan of going to school, although his teacher tells me he is just fine once he is engaged in an activity.  Today was a better day.  He wasn’t crying or complaining about going to school.  He was totally into finding things that started with P.  Especially since I let him eat a few Pretzels for breakfast!

31 days

Check out that P!

The downside… even on my drive from dropping him off to work, I couldn’t stop looking for P things!  A bit wacky!






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