Day 2 of 31 Days: More from the letter P

Stop, Drop and Parent:
Day 2 of the 31 Days Challenge at the Nester

Last night we filled a paper lunch bag with P things/toys from around the house: This included mostly Plastic animals (Polar and Panda bears, Pussy cat, Pelican and Parrot), the P bathtub letter, Piglet, Pink and Purple crayons and a robot.  Yes, despite my trying to convince Connor that robots start with R, he could a see teeny, tiny Patent number on the back!

31 daysThere is no convincing Connor when he is wrong.  Right now he is on one serious Tom and Jerry kick.  You know, Tom the mouse and Jerry the cat.  There is NOOOOOOOOOO convincing him otherwise.  Tears have been shed….

This morning Amelia was completely enthralled with playing Peek a boo in her crib.  She Particularly loved just Popping up and down.  Now, her crib has slats, so I can see her – but that didn’t matter to her.  I love it when she wakes up so smiley and giggly!

31 days

Peek a boo!

// Today I also learned that turning off the radio in the car can lead to all kinds of great conversation with the preschooler.  You know, about Pine trees, Pavement, Police stations, Pumpkins and Pine cones.  The downside, we are turning off Daddy.  Oh dear!
31Days StopDropParent


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