Day 3 of 31 Days: Spelling

Stop, Drop and Parent: Day 3 of 31 Days Challenge at the Nester


All this talk about the letter of the week, has helped Connor make the connection between letters > words > things.  This is one of those things that is super hard to teach as a concept and up until now, he has not had a whole lot of interest in.  It isn’t like we haven’t tried!  Connor is a super duper good book lover.  Even as a very young guy, he could sit in his room for extended periods of time with a pile of books.  Even as an infant – weeks old – when I read him his first book, he looked at the book, not at me when I read to him.  (His sister still just wants to eat them.) We introduced to him to all kinds of letters – the foam ones that go in the tub, puzzles, letter charts in his room, the letter C for Connor.  There have been a few fleeting moments when he would get into a writing app on the ipad.

31 days

Learning happening!

Finally the light bulb went off and he is making the connection.  Things have labels/names and those labels/names are made of letters! As we spent a great deal of time talking about things that start with P, I needed to do a lot of correcting.  I quickly figured out that instead of telling him, no turtle, doesn’t start with P, I could just spell it out instead.  He can now spell out his first name, and is asking for me to spell out all kinds of other things – mostly family names.  I LOVE it! And I am hoping that Amelia is kind of catching on too.


31Days StopDropParent


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