Day 4 of 31 Days: Sitting on the floor

Stop, Drop and Parent: Day 4 of 31 Days Challenge at the Nester

Sitting on the floor

I am not exactly a fan of floor sitting. It is hard, dirty and well, challenging to get back up. But that is a where my kids are. and given Amelia’s tendency to leap off of everything over three inches off the ground., it is the safest place for us. Did I mention it is dirty? Between two kids, three cats, heating with a wood stove and sippy cups filled with milk, they will never be clean (also no rugs for the same reasons).

31 days

Last night I slid down on the floor while my mom stopped for a visit. Amelia is always a bit fussy and needy right after I get home from work, so it was easier to be on the floor with her that the perpetual struggle to be on my lap/ off my lap/ on my lap over and over again. I was hoping that she might show off her new skills… She has been taking a few tentative steps on her own. And then she just did it- walked right across the room!

She walked confidently, like this was no big deal!  This is a big deal – a very big deal.

I don’t have any photos or video of this event because one of the things I have also stopped doing is taking pictures.  As I was uploading photos and prepping the photo books for Christmas, I noticed that there were a lot more “blogging” pictures than just pictures of my kiddos being adorable.

31Days StopDropParent



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