Days 5 and 6 of 31 Days: Bath time

Stop, Drop and Parent:
Days 5 and 6 of the 31 Days Challenge at the Nester

As much as I would like to be on time with these posts, it might be impossible on the weekends. Currently, as I am trying to type, there are two small people attacking the keyboard, stealing the mouse and poking me with forks!

Day 5… Bath time

Bath time… When my kiddos were little, bath time was so sweet.  It started with kitchen sink baths and those adorable little hoodie towels with froggies or lions on them.  And they were short!  Just enough time to get them soaped up and rinsed off.  Then I got to scoop them up, put them in some soft jammies and rock them to sleep while smelling their sweet heads.

Bath time with a toddler and a preschooler?  Not so much of the sweet and definitely not short!  There is usually a lot of screaming.  Mostly me trying to get them in the tub and then more screaming to get them out of the tub. Now that Amelia is stronger, may nights I can multitask – bring laundry to fold or other such stuff while making sure they don’t drown.

Once we started the letter of the week at preschool, Connor became interested in the foam sticky letters and numbers that go in the tub and stick to the wall.  I pulled out some letters that were appropriate – and he did this!

31 days

Spelling his name for the first time!

Okay… not really for the first time.  I had to call in Kevin to bring the camera and remove the destructive baby sister who would pull down the letters as soon as I would turn on the camera! We did use both the 0 and the O, but not two n’s…. I told him we could use H as a substitute!  It was the same color and all!

Day 6… Bedtime

I can only imagine that bedtime at one house with small children is challenging and we are no exception.  I have been struggling to find a routine that works for both of them.  Basically, we have been trying to force Amelia into Connor’s routine with limited success.  So we put him to bed and then start over with her.  There is a lot of book chewing at story time and water spilling at drink time…. And then Connor is upset because I have to leave the part of the house that his bedroom is in to then and go put her down.  Sooooooo! I am trying something new this weekend.  I am going to move Connor’s mattress into Amelia’s room (just the mattress for now) and see if we can’t establish a new routine that works for both kids. Wish me luck!

31 days

Stay tuned for a”what was I thinking?” post!

31Days StopDropParent


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