Day 7 of 31 Days: Moving furniture

Stop, Drop and Parent:
Day 7 of the 31 Days Challenge at the Nester

Moving furniture

Moving large awkward furniture is not an easy feat for me without two small kiddos.  With two kiddos underfoot, almost impossible!  Picture this: One mattress, two baby gates, a bazillion flights of stairs… 3 times!  Yep, kept sliding back down………..

I decided that we should try moving Connor’s bed into Amelia’s so that he can sleep in the same area of the house that the rest of us do.  I decided to just put in his mattress for now, give it a trial run and see if he likes it, if it makes a difference or if it would even work before lugging up the super heavy wooden bed frame complete with four drawers. My husband, the children’s father is not to keen on this idea, this it is truly a trial run, to see if everyone can be comfortable with it. By the way – I kinda said I would move the bed frame myself…. there is no way in hell I could, but that is for a later discussion with my husband.31 days

Our first day/night:

Both Connor and Amelia had the biggest case of the sillies that I have ever seen! Again, a super challenging situation when moving furniture.  Fortunately I figured out to put both kids in the crib while I had the baby gates open, but both decided that riding around on the mattress was way more fun as I moved it and the crib about a bazillion times trying to find the right placement. So when bedtime came I was terrified…….. But then there was this little miracle…. Connor took off his clothes and almost got all of his jamas on by himself!  Willingly!  This have NEVER EVER EVER happened before EVER! Usually changing his clothes is a major battle, both morning and night.  He doesn’t want to do it – himself or with my help.  Never mind if I send in Daddy!  And then he TRIED TO DO IT AGAIN THIS MORNING! Oh yeah – he slept fine and she did okay too!

So far it is a win for this mama!

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