Day 8 of 31 Days: Counting

Stop, Drop and Parent:
Day 8 of the 31 Days Challenge at the Nester


Amelia has become quite the little parrot!  She and Daddy can go on and on repeating “uh oh” for what seems like hours! We are introducing more animal sounds these days and she comes out with words and phrases that sometimes blow my mind.  It is much clearer that her very curious mind is in over drive and she is taking it all in.  Having two kiddos at very different stages (they are three years apart) can make it challenging to provide developmentally appropriate learning moments.  For example, when were are reading a book at bedtime, we want to show Connor letters and words and we want Amelia to not rip out each page and stuff them in her mouth. I think she is finally patient enough to look at a book without eating it first, but it is not easy!

So I really shouldn’t have been surprised when she started counting, right? And not just repeating the words for numbers, but pointing to objects and counting them out!  She got to five pretty quickly, but then go cautious and will only count one and two consistently now.  Perhaps because she is busy walking laps around the house like she owns the place.

31 days

Amelia in a box!

But I am amazed by my children!  Sometimes I forget how much they are absorbing and taking in.  Connor is so much like his father and I – quiet, observing, cautious.  We are both very similar that way.  But this baby girl!  This walking, talking, climbing, leaping toddler!  She just amazes me more and more every day!

31Days StopDropParent


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