Days 9 and 10 of 31 Days: Co-parenting

Stop, Drop and Parent:
Days 9 and 10 of the 31 Days Challenge at the Nester


This was one of those weeks were both my husband and I were coming and going we rarely get to see each other awake.  I think we do a pretty good job at supporting one another to make it all work.  Our work schedules, flexible day care and commitment to our family is what makes it work.  Our #1 priority will always be our family. We both do enjoy our careers and what we do and those responsibilities are important too.  But when we have a week like this one, I do appreciate how we do work as a team and that life as a family is far more enjoyable than life as a solo parent.

Kraft mac and cheese

Kraft mac and cheese from

Who am I kidding…. dinnertime as a solo parent is hard!  It is hard with two of us, it is harder when it is just me.  Generally, Kevin is the cook in the family.  I cook a few things for us, mostly the kids food and do some baking on occasion.  So when it is just me, I can handle feeding the kids, although they are usually pretty cranky about it, but sometimes I don’t often to get to eat! They end up eating mac and cheese very night – which makes them very happy……. and frequently go without a bath…. But I just have to stop, slow down and focus on keeping them happy, fed and entertained.  Usually that means skipping anything and everything that isn’t essential, heading upstairs and curling up in mama’s bed!

31Days StopDropParent



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