Day 11 of 31 Days: It is Friday!

Stop, Drop and Parent:
Day 11 of the 31 Days Challenge at the Nester


Let’s do a bit of a mash up post over here at Such a Mama!  I have been participating in the 31 Days challenge at the Nester – essentially posting for 31 days in October about the same topic (Stop, Drop and Parent).  Sometimes I have to combine a few days when life gets hectic (the Stop and drop part of parenting!) But I also used to do a High Five for Fridays post to link up over at Lauren Elizabeth because it is such a nice way to end the week!

Ann’s Five Favorite Things about Being a Mama!

1. Sweet cuddles! As far as I am concerned, this is the number one reason to be a parent.  To get to hold these sweet babies – wiggly toddlers and screaming preschoolers – in the happy moments, the sad times, the overtired meltdowns.

2. The sweet smells.  We all know the magical power of the smell of a newborn infant.  But even as both Connor and Amelia get older, there is nothing more that can relax me than the smell of their freshly cleaned heads.  Their smell after a weekend of running around and playing outside – not so much!

3. Their successes.  I will never forget those feelings that well up inside when Connor brought home his first preschool art project, or when Amelia took her first steps.  It is pride like no other than just makes my heart swell until it bursts!



4. Surprising them with something fun and seeing that joy light up in their faces.  Last night, Kevin was coming home late and bringing dinner for me with him.  So I threw a blanket on the floor, grabbed a muffin tin filled it with all kinds of tiny foods for dinner.  I saw my imaginary friend Lori do something similar over at I Can Grow People when her son was sick.  Picnic5. The way they love each other.  Right now, although occasionally they steal each others toys and food.  They love each other to pieces!  Connor is super protective of his sister and Amelia laughs with him like no one else.  More heart swelling!

20130316-170801.jpgHappy Friday!

31Days StopDropParent

Linked up with Lauren Elizabeth!

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