Day 15 of 31 Days: After dinner learning

Stop, Drop and Parent:
Day 15 of the 31 Days Challenge at the Nester

After Dinner Learning

Last night I had a bit of time after dinner while waiting for Kevin to get home from a meeting.  Normally we pretty much go from dinner to bedtime, but since it is also fall break I didn’t rush to get things done.  While I was feeding the kids I grabbed Connor’s weekly reader from school and decided that might make some nice dinner time conversation.  It did!  In fact, it lead to some quality writing and math time.  Connor has been really into spelling his name, but has not been very interested in wiring it until lately.  Tonight, he wrote it out all by himself for the first time.  And we did a little pumpkin math too!

31 days

I brought over Amelia some crayons and paper too.  This is an activity that has been a bit challenging since her desire to eat the crayons far outweighs the desire to color.  She FINALLY seems to be outgrowing the must put EVERYTHING in my mouth stage.  I also grabbed a shape sorter too. I was surprised at how quickly she caught on.  It is challenging to do these sorts of activities with her. Connor always want to “help” her. In the end, she still prefers to wear it as a hat!

31 days

31Days StopDropParent



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