Day 21 of 31 Days: A desk

Stop, Drop and Parent:
Day 21 of the 31 Days Challenge at the Nester

Hey – what happened to Days 18, 19 and 20?  Life happened!  The job, the kids, the errands and the laundry sometimes get in the way.  It is okay.  I am really trying to be okay with being a more random, sometimes blogger, even if means breaking the 31 Days rules……

So, Day 21, here we are! A desk!

A big part of parenting is providing them with a shelter – a space to be warm and safe and have room to grow.  When I planned Connor’s room I included a cool toy box made from a yard sale trunk that my father in law gave us.

Toy box

Toy box

So when I was planning Amelia’s room, I knew I also wanted to include some kind of hand painted furniture, it just took me a little while to figure it out.  We were once given this unfinished desk that was stuck in storage room in our house that didn’t really have a plan or a purpose.  In fact when I started painting it, I started painting it for Connor and then went back and re-primed the blue parts and made it pink!

31 days

Starting over

I had initially painted the body of the desk with a high gloss acrylic white after giving it a quick coat of spray primer.  It wasn’t particularly sticky and the white comes up easily with blue paint so everything I painted on top of the white ended up free hand, no taped off stripes! I also forgot that I had painted the drawers yellow when I first started the project and ordered yellow knobs, so I picked up some thin wooden circles at my trusty craft store and gave them a coat of white to put between the knob and the drawer.

31 days

wooden shapes from the craft store

I traced circles with a soup can and a sippy cup to give me a couple of different sizes.  (All the pink and yellow paints were from other rooms in the house.)31 daysIt took me the longest time to figure out what to do on the top of the desk after it was clear that blue tape was going to pull up the white paint every single time.  It wasn’t until I went back into Connor’s room and cleared off his toy box that I remembered I had put his name on top!  Viola!
31 days

2013-10-08 19.55.08It looks adorable in her room! Both kids love the space underneath the desk.

 2013-10-08 19.55.222013-10-08 19.55.3331Days StopDropParent


5 thoughts on “Day 21 of 31 Days: A desk

  1. Such an adorable desk! I love the shapes under the knobs. A great touch and her name on top! Thank you for linking to The Blog Strut at My Personal Accent. Please stop by this Thursday to link another great post! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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