Days 23 and 24 of 31 Days: Gymnastics

Stop, Drop and Parent:
Days 23 and 24 of the 31 Days Challenge at the Nester


This week wraps up our last session of gymnastics at our local YMCA – by local, I mean about 25 minutes north of us.  It makes for challenging Saturday mornings, but he LOVES it.  He did a few sessions of toddler gymnastics when he was 2 and a few of of the preschool sessions this past year.  The toddler class is with a parent and basically the kiddos have free reign of the gymnastics area.  I was always impressed with what he would try to do and to see his skills grow with each session.  The preschool class is without parents which initially really worried me.  Would he cling to me and refuse to join his class?  Would he be able to do the things his teacher asked him?  Would he even follow directions? Well, it turns out that my son can listen and follow directions!  And even if he can’t do what he was asked, he still really tries or waits to get help from his teacher. He is becoming more and more independent.  He will even jump into the foam blacks by himself.  (That is a super big deal!)

31 days

Connor’s favorite – jumping into the foam pit!

Amelia has been a very patient observer by the sidelines.  Maybe thanks to a whole bunch of snacks.  After the holidays she will be old enough for the toddler class and I hope they can both do another session.  I have no doubt that she will be thrilled to be able to climb, jump and dive!

31 days

Snacking on the bleachers

31Days StopDropParent

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