Day 29 of 31 Days: Tagging our Christmas Tree

Stop, Drop and Parent:
Day 29 of the 31 Days Challenge at the Nester

Tagging our Christmas Tree

This year, like so many others we have tagged our Christmas Tree at Windswept Mountains View Christmas Tree Farm.  Since we have been married there is only one year that we didn’t get our tree at the farm – the year I was pregnant with Connor.  We were in the middle of an ice storm and we had decided to skip getting a tree altogether because I was so tried, but my work was cancelled for several days (the ice storm) and we picked up one in a parking lot!

Kevin wanted to go back to the parking lot this year.  So I asked Connor where we get our tree – he said the farm on the mountain….. yep – he remembers it from past years, so there was no way that Kevin was going to get out of it!  A side note – Connor also remembered that the place were we pick blueberries was close to the tree farm.  I love that he is making these connections!31 days

Tree tagging 101 – GO EARLY!  The farm were we go is pretty particular about making sure that trees have a good long life span, so by the time they are ready to be cut down, they are pretty big.  You have to go pretty early on in the season to get one that is smaller.  Yes, we could get a really big one and just chop off half of the bottom, but that bugs Kevin. Going early also means that it is warmer and hopefully without snow!  A few years ago we went the very first weekend in October that they were open for tagging.  It was one of those really warm weekends and we wore shorts and t-shirts.  I am pretty sure that was the same year we had a huge blizzard on Halloween!

31 days

This year it was a bit chilly, but we dressed warmly and found a tree just the right size a few minutes after climbing off the hayride that brings you to to the top of the mountain.  There are just spectacular views and the foliage can be beautiful if you go early enough. We won’t put up the tree until much closer to Christmas.  You just call ahead and they cut it down for you that morning and I send Kevin in the truck to pick it up! Because we have the wood stove, I like having a fresh cut tree that has much more moisture and will keep taking in water.  We still take it down right after Christmas though.

I am really looking forward to decorating the house with the kids this year.  I wonder how many ornaments Amelia will try and eat!?!

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