Day 30 of 31 Days: Fall Bucket List Update

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Day 30 of the 31 Days Challenge at the Nester

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Fall Bucket List Update

In New England, we could pretty much get hit with a big winter storm at any minute so for me Halloween is the end of fall.  But our bucket list is still not complete so I hope the snow holds off for a bit yet!

Fall Bucket ListWhat we have done so far…

  • Go apple picking
  • Visit the pumpkin patch
  • Carve a Jack o’ lantern
  • Jump in a leaf pile
  • Tag our Christmas tree
  • Have fun at the Pickle Festival
  • Make butternut squash soup

What we still have left!

  • Fall photo shoot
  • Drink hot apple cider
  • Get dressed up and go trick or treating (THURSDAY)
  • Try some leaf crafts
  • Bake an apple pie (pie crust is in the fridge)
  • Get lost in a corn maze(our “reach” list item)
  • Make applesauce (I forgot about this one)
  • Share a treat with our friends

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4 thoughts on “Day 30 of 31 Days: Fall Bucket List Update

  1. This is such a great list! I need to remember to do these each season. I find that actually taking the time to make a list and having something to ‘cross off’ motivates us more to accomplish everything.

    Now I want a cup of apple cider…hehe

  2. I’m a few days late, but I’m visiting from Mom’s Mingle and am now following! This is such a neat idea. Even though my twins are only 1, there are still quite a few things on that list that they would enjoy. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I have made a couple up this past year – very much appropriate for our family and my kids ages! But it is fun to get ideas from other families and try new things.

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