Learning with leaves

Connor and I had a few quiet moments this past weekend while Daddy was at work and Amelia was napping so I decided it was time to knock off a leaf craft on the fall bucket list. I was a tad worried that I would go overboard, as I often do and make it much more complicated that it need be so I really made an effort to keep it simple.

First we headed out on the deck (so I could hear Amelia) and collected dozen or so different leaves.  Connor was beyond excited that he could bring them inside the house.  Perhaps I have been complaining a bit much about the leaves that were blowing in?  Connor climbed up on his stool and we spread them out on our kitchen island.  learning with leaves

First we talked about how there were different and the same.  We sorted by size, talking about biggest and smallest.  We sorted by color and talked a bit about why leaves go from green to brown.  I threw in a few words like photosynthesis and chlorophyll, but I did try and keep it simple. I almost tried to compare leaf veins to human veins, but he quickly got sidetracked and I decided to hold off that conversation. sorted by size - in a rainbow!

Then we did leaf rubbings.  I asked hm to feel the leaf and tell me which side was the bumpiest.  He is the kind of kid who doesn’t want to try something, like using the side of a crayon until he knows he will do it right so it took a little bit on convincing for him to get the hang out it. leaf rubbings And then I let him just draw some pictures of leaves which made him happy as well.drawing leaves

My favorite part…. watching him write his name on his drawing! I am so amazed at how quickly his drawing has progressed as well as a willingness to try new things – like writing his name- since he has started preschool.

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13 thoughts on “Learning with leaves

  1. Aww, your little guy is adorable! It looks like he had a lot of fun. I need to do this with my boys before the leaves are gone.

    Thank you for joining us at the Share the Love Blog Hop!!!

    Cindy from Superheroes and Teacups

  2. Love playing with fall leaves! And leaf rubbing never gets old. Well, so far it hasn’t. Oh to have quiet times during nap again! My youngest no longer naps and I miss having that time with the oldest. We’re all adjusting, as we constantly will be, I suppose. Thanks for including the Learn Through Play hop in your post!

  3. We love collecting leaves! We did a fun activity a while back where we glued leaves to a piece of sturdy cardboard and then used a rolling pin to cover it with paint and make prints on plain paper. My little guy loved it 🙂

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