High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday!  Gosh darn the week after the time change is always super exhausting.

Ann’s High Five for Friday!

1. I packed away bottles and pumping parts. Amelia never used pacifiers and she was never a big fan of the bottle.  Now she won’t even use the super cute kid spoons and forks.  So in a big bag they went.  I hate to just throw it out/recycle, but what else does one do with used plastic ware?

bottles and parts

bottles and parts

2. And then Amelia found them and tried to steal them back! I gave her a few for her dolls and she has been busy feeding them ever since. It completely amazes me how she gravitates toward feeding and nurturing dolls – dressing them, feeding them. I have always encouraged her to play with Connor’s toys.  It is just crazy to me!

Stealing bottles! Friday

Stealing bottles!

3. We moved Connor’s really, really, really heavy bed frame out of his room and into Amelia’s. This opened up some serious space in his room for his easel and other art supplies. I hope to set up a more permanent storage area for his art supplies that are safe from a certain toddler!


Moved that huge bed out

4. Connor’s train table became a dinosaur table! I really want to do a whole post on the changes that I have made in his room now that he sleeps upstairs near us in his sister’s room.

Dinosaur table!

Dinosaur table!

5. The Christmas cards arrived! Check out this totally great deal from Snapfish! I am totally loving the card stock and the pre printed return addresses!

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7 thoughts on “High Five for Friday!

    • Well, in all fairness I used a photo I took at home back in September – It just came out really cute. I am still waiting for the family photos I wanted to do in May!

  1. Hi Ann,
    I love the dinosaur table. We are going to be moving stuff around soon since we are expecting Baby #3 and setting up our homeschool.
    Thank you for sharing this glimpse of your organization skills on the Thumping Thursdays Blog Hop.


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