The many uses of a train table!

When Connor was two he developed his first toy obsession – Thomas!  He went for months carrying around an empty bottle of Thomas toothpaste before he got his first actual train for his birthday.  Then he carried around two plastic trains for more months until Santa finally delivered a whole box of trains, tracks and a train table!  It was a glorious six months until the next obsession… Thomas was out and Lightening McQueen was in!

a little tyke and his train table

a little tyke and his train table

So when I moved bedrooms around again, the train table, being as large as it is in his small room, needed to be a central focus, but we needed a new plan.  I have tried to switch it up a pretty frequently.  I have been changing it over about every two weeks.

To start, I went with the flow and created a “car table.  But that was fairly old news.  Cars have been a pretty big part of his life for a while now, so a cars table held no novelty and thus no pictures…

Up next was a lego table.  While we have quite a collection of both the large and small legos, I went with the larger ones since Amelia can reach the table easily and she still likes to eat the smaller ones.

Lego table

Lego table

Then we did a dinosaur table!  Since last summer, dinosaurs have been a pretty big deal around here and most of them are large enough that Amelia can’t eat them.  I had tucked them away when I initially cleaned his room so he hadn’t seen them in a while.

Dinosaur table

Dinosaur table

Most recently, I went old school and pulled out the trains and tracks!  And after no seeing them for so long and having more room to move around, both kids were ecstatic. It is so much fun to see  them both get involved in a toy that he used to love.

Train table!

Train table!

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6 thoughts on “The many uses of a train table!

  1. When we go to Toys r Us all my kids always stopped and played with that table. They never did end up liking trains but they always wanted legos. You did come up with some great uses for the table. I like the dino table the best. I hope you can stop by my blog and say hello. Have a great day.

    • It is really that shape of the table that makes it so kid friendly – nice and low with a good edge on it. I am running out of new ideas though!

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