A turkey craft

My darling husband was kind enough to take the kiddos for a few hours so I could finish folding the laundry sans kids.  I tried to get ready for the week and took a few minutes to pull together a turkey craft for Connor and Amelia. I am not a huge fall Thanksgiving fan.  I enjoy the day and all.  I like the food for sure!  But it just isn’t my favorite holiday.  I much more enjoy Spring Thanksgiving!

So after poking around Pinterest and looking at the available supplies in the house I decided the kids could make turkeys out of toilet paper tubes.  Cause you know, the internet says you are supposed to make things out of toilet paper tubes!

turket craft

I gathered the supplies.  However the googly eyes were no where to be found so I made my own with some white paper and a sharpie! I toyed with painting the toilet paper tubes, but painting cardboard brown just seemed redundant.

turkey craftConnor and I decide to give it a try while Amelia was still sleeping.  I figured we might have better luck one on one and he could help her later. First, we did wrap the tube insome brown paper, just to give the kids an extra step.  Then we attached eyes, a beak and a gobble.  Connor totally did not get the whole gobble thing and he kept trying to turn it sidewise and make a smiling face.

turkey craftThen I attempted to cut out feathers and write things that we were grateful for on the feathers.  It turns out I am not very good at explaining gratitude and Connor was much more interested in cutting out feathers.

turkey craftAfter Amelia woke up we made her turkey with her, which resulted in her trying to eat the glue stick.  Connor gave up on his feathers and opted to make his a Engine Turtle!

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11 thoughts on “A turkey craft

      • It is a tree branch in a vase and through the month of November you write things that you are thankful for on leaves, cut out of construction paper, and hang them on the tree. I have also seen a construction paper tree taped to a wall and you tape the leaves on it after you write what you are thankful for on them. The cutest one was where the leaves were the outlines of the kids hands.

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