High Five for Friday

It is finally Friday!

It has been a pretty good week and today seemed a good day to celebrate the little things. This morning I ran around the house and grabbed a few shots of the highlights.  My husband was already at work for hours so while he is not on the list, he is always a highlight of every week!

1. My big boy Connor!  He seems to finally be adjusting to preschool.  While he would still prefer to go to the sitter where is best friend is, he is just blossoming in so many ways since starting school.  He is FINALLY interested in becoming more independent.  Unlike his sister, he has always wanted/allowed me to do anything and everything for him.  He has suddenly taken a huge interest in doing things by himself and really being proud of himself – like going down the stairs frontwards (instead of crawling down backwards) and not being scared. I am so proud of him!

2013-11-22 07.39.042. This one on the other hand has been fiercely independent since day one! She wants to do everything and be into everything!  We now have TWO different child locks on the cabinet under the kitchen sink…. She loves to climb up on her brother’s potty seat. But she is still my baby.  She is still nursing, while mostly at night and she is still little enough to fit in to her brothers old footie pajamas! Friday

3. We did some significant Christmas shopping this week! I still have more to do with other members of the family and without some members of the family.  But we did good!  We went on Kevin’s birthday – which was his idea!  I would think that this would be the last way that he would want to spend his day.  Perhaps I was a little kinder to him as a result.  It was a nice day that we had together.Friday

4. Next week is our last regular farm share pick up!  We still have two winter boxes that we also will pick up.  I have absolutely loved participating in the farm share and having so much fresh organic produce available to us.  I have loved being able to bring the kids to the farm so that they can see where their food comes from, even if Connor isn’t much interested in veggies still.  I love eating food that is in season as much as it pains me to not keep buying strawberries in the grocery store, they are so much sweeter when you pick them locally!Friday

5. Connor brought home his first noodle necklace from N week!  This is one of those parenting milestones I had no idea how much I would adore.  It is his necklace though, he didn’t make it for me.  Maybe next time…Friday


Happy Friday!

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4 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. We live in a farming community right now, and got to have farm-fresh produce several different times throughout the year–it does seem to taste a little better Either that or those fruits and veggies are just more exciting to eat. 🙂 I have yet to do much Christmas shopping, maybe I’ll start next week…

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