Connor is four and a half! Update!

Today Connor is FOUR and a HALF! This is his update.   I stole this post idea from Lori over at I Can Grow People who does updates for her two adorable kiddos!

What Connor is Wearing These Days:

He is still wearing 3T pants but is starting to max out the adjustable waist bands.  I bought a few 4T pairs for Christmas and we will see.  He really needs like a 3T and a half! He is wearing 4T shirts and occasionally a 5T although they are a bit too big.

He is wearing size 9 sneakers and I just had to buy him size LARGE boots!  I think they will last him a few years.  


What Connor is Eating:

This is STILL our biggest challenge.  He loves one thing one week, like mac and cheese, and then won’t eat it at all – you know after you have bought 6 boxes. Right now he is on a big fruit jag, particularly strawberries and sometimes grapes.  The other night he thought it was so funny that he was having fruit for dinner – like he was getting away with something – especially when he dipped his fruit in yogurt!  

The holiday treats are in full force which makes it a bit challenging to get him to eat anything healthy.  Somebody tell me that peanut butter cookies have protein?

TMNT cookies

TMNT cookies

What Connor is Saying:

ALL of the TALKING!  Constantly!  All of the words – big words – new words!  He is like a real grown up talking person!  But still with a few cute pronunciation, like psaghetti and frust-a-rated.

He is all asking more and more questions, especially about Santa and Alfie, our elf.  He is really trying to wrap his head around what is magic and what isn’t.  It is too cute!


What Connor Likes These Days:

He is all about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle – or Engine Turtles, as he calls them.  Being a turtle lover myself, it is hard to not go along with it.  Plus I have such fond memories of the TMNT when my brothers loved them in the 80s.  Santa has gone all turtle this year.  Even all of the clothes and new jamas I bought him are green!


What Connor Doesn’t Like These Days:

Listening and following directions.  Any of them!

What Connor is Doing:

He is becoming more and more independent and is taking pride in what he can do by himself.  Most of the time….  One of our greatest challenges has been transitions, morning and evening, especially around changing his clothes/jamas.  He never wants to do it, never mind doing it himself.  He is finally willing to do it himself and has developed enough skills to be successful.  He just refuses 99% of the time.


What We Are Working On:

Listening to directions.

Being more independent.

Eating more food, any food.
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