Elf on the Shelf: Alfie strikes again!

Alfie, our Elf on the Shelf has been a pretty busy little guy this past week!

Last weekend he brought some magic seeds back from the North Pole just like he did last year. Last year the magic seeds grew into candy canes, but this year, the grew into these marshmallow treats.  Connor recognized that they were the same kind of treat that Santa had given the kids when they went to visit him at a local store.  A happy accident on my part!

elf on the shelfAlfie arrived with the same EXACT letter from Alfie as he did last year.  Funny enough, the behavior reminders that Alfie gave Connor and Amelia were still applicable to this year.  He reminded Connor to eat his dinner and Amelia to sleep through the night!

elf on the shelf

Magic seeds planted in sugar

elf on the shelfAnother time Alfie also brought a letter from Santa complementing Connor and Amelia about their good behavior, but also providing some reminders about things they need to work on.  Neither one of the children appeared to be listening.  Alfie also built himself a chair out of legos at two in the morning.  ‘Cause clearly he wasn’t thinking very clearly at that hour.  Alfie also fell out of his chair a couple of times which sent Connor right over the edge.  We have to be very careful not to let Alfie fall.

elf on the shelf

elf on the shelfAlfie liked to hide in the tree amongst the decorations which made him a  bit trickier to find!

elf on the shelfAlfie decided a bubble bath full of marshmallows would be a very relaxing way to spend his time.  Daddy helped Alfie get the marshmallows out of the cupboard. Alfie and his bubble bath were found in the Amelia’s room where the cats hardly ever go so the marshmallows were safe! (They also made for a tasty breakfast for the kids the next morning!)

elf on the shelfA great landing spot for an elf – the jingle bell wreath!

elf on the shelfConnor was completely blown away that Alfie spelled his name with his blocks!  Daddy has been very helpful lately!  I wonder if he may take over elf duty full time next year???

Alfie has a lot more in store for Connor and Amelia for the last few days leading up to Christmas before he returns home to the North Pole with Santa.  Next year I totally need a calendar to plan things out in advance!!!

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6 thoughts on “Elf on the Shelf: Alfie strikes again!

  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. I can’t wait to see the answers to the questions I have to ask you. Have a Great Holiday Season.

    Deedra from At My Counter

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